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Bronze Sand Martin bird sculpture by JOEL
Our Home Sand Martin Colony SOLD
Bronze Sand Martins bird sculptures by Sculptress JOEL set on worked Clipsham stone
Bronze Sand Martins Home Together by JOEL
Happy Days Sand Martin Trio SOLD
Three Sand Martins making a home
Labrador Playful Friend
Labrador Playful Friend
Labrador Dog Bronze Sculpture a Labrador sitting and ready for action
Bright Look - Working Cocker Spaniel dog by JOEL
Working Cocker Spaniel Dog
Bronze Life sized portrait head of Working Cocker Spaniel
Little Owl 10/10 Bronze bird sculpture by JOEL
Little Owl number 10 SOLD
Little Owl Bronze Sculpture by JOEL
Blue flash of Swallow wings over green avanturine
Small Garden Feature Coloured Bronze Swallow over Green Aventurine - AVAILABLE
Small Garden Feature Coloured and Limited Edition Bronze Swallow by JOEL, over Green Aventurine
White Bronze  Dove by JOEL, above unique quartzite
White Dove over unique quartzite - AVAILABLE
Garden Feature of Unique Celtic Quartzite with White Bronze Dove by JOEL
Obelisk Bronze Feature by JOEL, with admirer
Rare Dove on Obelisk - SOLD
Garden statue for open space and environmental feature
Bronze Duck and Water feature for garden by JOEL
Bronze Duck and Water Feature Fountain by JOEL - SOLD
Water feature for garden or conservatory setting
Obelisk water feature Bronze Swallows by JOEL
Garden Obelisk with Bronze Bird Feature
Environmental & Garden Sculpture, Bronze Statue and Water Feature
Swallow Flight of Joy Bronze sculpture for garden
Swallow Pair Flight of Joy Bronze sculpture on Stand for garden
Pair of Bronze Limited Edition Swallows mounted on a metal stand suitable for the garden