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Horse Sculpture

Breath of Welsh Air - Welsh Cob bronze sculpture
Bronze sculpture of the head of a horse, mane flying in the wind
Hedwr Cymraeg Welsh Flier - Welsh Cob bronze sculpture
Sculpture in Bronze of a Welsh Cob Section D Portrait head
Top of the Mountain - Welsh Pony bronze sculpture
Bronze sculpture of the Welsh Pony standing at the top of his game
Banners Flying - Welsh Cob bronze sculpture
Welsh Cob Stallion trotting out, Banners Flying
King of the Ring - Welsh Pony of Cob type bronze sculpture
Bronze sculpture of the Welsh Pony of Cob type, section C
World Class - Welsh Pony bronze sculpture
Sculpture of the Welsh Pony Section B
Thoroughbred Horse Bronze by JOEL Son of Deep Run
Son of Deep Run - Thoroughbred Horse bronze sculpture
Classic Bronze Thoroughbred Horse Standing
Spirit of the Isles - Shetland Pony bronze sculpture
Shetland Spirit of the Isles portrait heads of Shetland Pony Mare and Foal
Racing Look - Thoroughbred Horse bronze sculpture
The Racing Look, a portrait head of a Thoroughbred Horse in racing snaffle
Thoroughbred in Racing Snaffle by JOEL
Esprit de Coeur - Thoroughbred Horse bronze sculpture
Sculpture of a Thoroughbred Horse, in bridle and plaits
Virtu - Dressage Horse bronze sculpture
Portrait head sculpture of the Dressage Horse