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Dog Sculpture

Happy Labrador Bronze
Labrador Happy Friend
Bronze Labrador dog sculpture of a happy dog and best friend
Bronze Welsh Springer Spaniel  by JOEL
Welsh Springer Spaniel portrait head sculpture
Detailed sculpture portrait cast in Bronze of Welsh Springer Spaniel
Labrador Playful Friend
Labrador Playful Friend
Labrador Dog Bronze Sculpture a Labrador sitting and ready for action
Bright Look - Working Cocker Spaniel dog by JOEL
Working Cocker Spaniel Dog
Bronze Life sized portrait head of Working Cocker Spaniel
Happy Collie dog sculpture bronze by JOEL
A Happy Collie - bronze dog statue
Life sized Happy Collie Sculpture
Bronze Collie Dog sculpture by JOEL
A Collie Dog - bronze statue
Life sized portrait head of Collie dog
Royal Reflection - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Bronze
Champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniel standing proud
Cairn Terrier - dog sculpture bronze
Life size portrait head of a Cairn Terrier
Wolfhound - Bronze dog sculpture
Sculpture of an Irish Wolfhound Lying Down
A Celtic Hound - the Deerhound portrait head statue
Life sized Portrait Head of a Deerhound