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Bird Sculpture

Robins The Kiss
Robin The Kiss
Bronze Sculpture of Pair of Robins
Goldfinch Golden Bright SIngs
Goldfinch Golden Bright Sings
Highly polished Steel sculpture of Goldfinch
Goldfinch Duo Gold Sings on Mossy Top by JOEL
Goldfinch Duo Gold Sings
A lovely pair of Goldfinches Bronze cast, coloured and set with Gold leaf.
Goldfinch Gold Sings
Goldfinch Gold Song
Bronze Goldfinch with Rutland colour and Gold leaf on the wings
Coloured Wren Bronze
Coloured Wren Bronze
Detailed coloured Bronze Wren
Jenny Wren Sculpture
Wren Bronze
Bronze Wren makes great GIft
Bronze Kingfisher Waiting
Bronze Kingfisher Waiting
Bronze sculpture of a Kingfisher sitting waiting
Bronze Sand Martin pair over Sand stone
Sand Martins Finding a Home Together
Sand Martins Finding a Home Together
Single Swallow Bronze
Swallow Gift
Bronze Swallow kinetic sculpture
Swift over the Garden
Swift Love
First of the Swift Bronzes from Sculptress JOEL
Bronze Swallows over water by Sculptress JOEL
Flight of Joy over Water Bronze Swallows
Bronze Sculptures of Swallows suitable for waterfeature
Bronze Sand Martin bird sculpture by JOEL
Our Home Sand Martin Colony SOLD
Bronze Sand Martins bird sculptures by Sculptress JOEL set on worked Clipsham stone