How do I return an order?
To request a return, please log in to your account and access your Orders. Find the order you wish to return and click "Return Order".

You will be asked to provide information on the items you wish to return and the reason.

Once you have set up the return putting as full as a description of the problems or reason for return as possible we will email you shortly with further information or instructions so please ensure you check your email regularly.
What is your returns policy and procedure?
Please note that what follows is a summary of the above legislation and is in no way designed to be a complete or exhaustive set of rules and regulations. That is why we have included the above details so that you can get these if you need them.

Customers have 14 calendar days starting the day they received their products to register their request to return an item or items under 'cooling off' legislation.

Goods should be returned to us with their original packaging. We will not be held responsible for any damages incurred in returning goods to us. The condition of the goods will remain the customer's responsibility until goods have been booked in and assessed by us.??Any return labels should not be placed directly on the item packaging. Please wrap any items to be returned in a protective layer and place any labels on this outer packaging.

If a product develops a fault within 30 days of receipt then a customer can request either:
    •    The return of the product for a refund
    •    The repair of the product
    •    The replacement of the product
Or a reasonable amount of compensation (less than the cost of repair or replacement – at our discretion)

However, which we would opt for depends on the cost of doing each of these actions and we can decline a specific course of action based on cost.

Whichever remedy we chose would be without significant inconvenience to the customer and would be taken in to consideration.

If neither repair or replacement is realistically possible customer can request a partial or full refund. A full refund may not be reasonable if the customer has received some benefit from the unit before the problem appeared and the refund given would be in proportion to the amount of use they had from the unit before the problem occurred.

If faulty items are returned to us with missing parts/items/accessories, significant or cosmetic damage or unreasonable wear we reserve the right to repair the product under the manufacturers warranty and return it to you the customer, rather than issue a replacement or credit note.
After a customer has had an item for 30 days we will always look to get it repaired as long as this is without significant inconvenience to the customer. We would look for all repairs to be competed within 21 days of receipt as a guideline.